My Pad Washable Wool Twin/XL Twin Mattress Pad




My Pad Washable Wool Mattress Topper

0.5" Thick

Twin Size (39 x 76") XL Twin Size (39 x 81")

2.5 lbs of Merino Wool.

MyPad™ is ideal for someone who...

• Has allergies to down and polyester and is looking for healthier alternative choice.

• Has allergies to dust mites, mold and mildew

• Is looking for an eco friendly mattress pad for all four seasons.

• Is looking for a long term investment in their quality of sleep and overall health myPad™


• Provides balanced and resilient body support during sleep;

• Helps to prevent overheating or overcooling during sleep.

• Quickly wick away moisture without making you feel cold or clammy. Less time is spent tossing and turning.

• Breathes more naturally than down and synthetic products.

• Lasts for decades with proper care.