Mimosa All Natural Lambskin
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Mimosa All Natural Lambskin for Baby

This lambskin by Kaiser of Germany is tanned using absolutely no chemicals. Instead, extract from the Mimosa Tree is used. The natural tanic substance of Mimosa requires more time to tan than chemicals but results in an all natural leather.

Sheepskin is a self cleaning agent and usually does not require a lot of care. Often spraying it with water and brushing it out will clean it sufficiently. Spot washing is also a great option. Otherwise hand washing is required. A small effort for the peace you have in knowing your baby is sleeping on the best nature has to offer.

Comes with a Cotton Storage Bag.

Measures Approx. 85 cm (3 feet long)

Please note that this is an all natural product some variation will occur. This just adds to the natural beauty of the Sheepskin.

No chemicals, no formaldehyde.

Benefits of having a Sheepskin

  • Absorbs sweat immediately and is able to submit it seven times faster into the air then synthetic. Additionally, body poisons which are in the sweat are reduced.
  • Activates the blood circulation and the immune system,and supports the relaxation and regeneration of the body.
  • Keeps a healthy steady temperature. It influences the whole organism of the body in a vitalizing, relaxing way.
  • Is gentle on your skin because it consists of a similar basic substance as human skin.
  • Helps heal sensitive or inflamed skin or rashes.
  • Is temperature self regulating and therefore great for summer and winter.
  • Has a "selfwarmth" and never feels cold. The natural breathing of the skin continues.
  • Is always dirt and bacteria resistant. For centuries it has been known that natural sheepskin with its lanolin if left to hang in fresh air possesses a self cleaning power.